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My Video Won't Play
Last Updated 6 years ago

Chances are, if a video isn't playing, you're using Firefox! In 2017 all the major browsers except Firefox switched to the H264 codec to serve videos with, instead of Adobe Flash. This is a licensed codec (the browser companies have to pay money to use it), and Firefox did not want to pay. So Firefox continues to use Flash.

Mobile devices unfortunately don't support the H264 codec either. However, most of the problems we have seen with video replay have been on Firefox, not other browsers on mobile.

There are a few things you can try. You may want to clear your browser cache and reload the page and see if the video works now. If that doesn't work, you can try another browser, such as Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

We've seen buggy videos in Firefox start to play usually after a few days of not playing. We're not sure exactly why this happens though, or what the problem with Flash and Firefox is.

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