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How Does Billing Work For One Date & The Dating Artisan (TDA)?
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One Date & The Dating Artisan are effectively one GIANT course designed to turn you into an absolute stud. They combine the total experience of dating sensei Chase Amante with 1092 references to scientific papers and other primary sources. Together, they account for nearly 40 hours of video, and thousands of book pages... yet are designed to get you the most succinct, easy-to-use information ever assembled on how to do everything you could ever want to do with socializing, dating, and women.

The complete course of One Date and the 10 TDA modules is $940. This course has been broken up into 10 distinct pieces, both to make it more affordable for more men, and to not drown students in too much information at any one time.

When you first begin the course, you purchase access to One Date at $67. This grants you the One Date System, the bonuses attached to it, as well as access to Module 1 of The Dating Artisan (making girls chase with SAC).

14 days after your purchase of One Date, you pay $97 to unlock The Dating Artisan Module 2. Module 2 turns you into a conversational mastermind, with a full suite of conversational abilities, including what deadly conversation mistakes to avoid, whether to play the strong and silent role or to be more talkative, how to get women to open up to you completely and self-disclose, and how to inject lots of heavy flirtation, banter, and sexual humor into your conversations. Module 2 is also the first One Date / TDA article where students get to see date coach Chase Amante display his trademark sly flirtation (throughout the module, with female guest Andreea).

After Module 2, all subsequent modules bill and unlock at one month intervals. Module 3 (which teaches you to instantly recognize interested women, how to approach them, and how to make the first few minutes of conversation go great) bills and unlocks one month after Module 2. Module 4 bills and unlocks one month after Module 3. And so on, right down to the last two modules, Module 9 ("Hooking Up With Lots Of Girls") and Module 10 ("Tying It All Together: Keystones And Cornerstones").

Each module is $97, and once you've unlocked it, it's yours to keep forever.

You can cancel your subscription to One Date & The Dating Artisan at any time. To do this, open up a support ticket or give us a call.

We hope you choose to stay to the end of the course, however. Each module dramatically upgrades your abilities in a variety of social, romantic, and personal spheres, and by the end of the course, you'll have a social toolkit unmatched by almost any other man out there. Just you, the select few elite men who've complete One Date & TDA, and a handful of driven self-taught "naturals" (most of whom will be strong in some of these areas, and weak in others; you, however, will be strong in them all. Well, if you do all the homeworks ;) ).

Your destiny is yours to decide. We're here to help you get there.

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